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Careers at EasyRates

As a young and fast growing company, we are always on the lookout for new talents to join the EasyRates family. The team at EasyRates is young, vibrant and never afraid to speak our mind or chug a few beers and we’re hoping to recruit more people as we move into the next phase of our development.

If you’re interested in a career at EasyRates, drop us an email with your resume at [email protected]

The job of a Mortgage Consultant Genie is to try to make all home buyers financing wishes come true. If you’re an advocate for your customers, love to deal with people, are comfortable with numbers and have/ hope to say “Your wish is my command” to a prospective homeowner at least once in your life, this job is for you.

  • Responsibilities
    • Help match customers with mortgage packages that best suit them
    • Assist customers with the home loan application process and any other way possible
    • Create cross-sell opportunities for other related services
  • The Ideal Candidate
    • Has previously worked as a Financial Advisor/ Real Estate Agent/ Relationship Manager/ Other financial sales role
    • Has a Degree/ Diploma
    • Extremely service oriented and results driven

Content Nomads are writers unbound. If you’re comfortable working from anywhere on our little red dot and have the ability to write finance articles with a fun and witty writing style that others love to share, this role is for you.

  • Responsibilities
    • Creating creative, fun and highly readable content for the EasyRates site/ blog that is grammatically correct and factually sound
  • The Ideal Candidate
    • Knows what an Oxford comma is and how to use it
    • Has impeccable grammar and a great vocabulary to boot
    • Understands finance and can conduct research independently
    • Enjoys working outside the confines of an office and is a self-starter

Can you create truly magical designs that keep users coming back for more?

Are you experienced in designing web-friendly graphics, and know how to use way more than the magic wand function on photoshop?

Would you be ok if we called you a Dizard for short?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions you just might be the designer we’re looking for.

  • Responsibilities
    • Battling awkward user interfaces
    • Creating magical designs for our site
    • Working on infographics and other assorted imagery we may need in the course of our work
  • The Ideal Candidate
    • Is proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
    • Has at least 3 – 5 years of professional experience in a similar role
    • Is familiar with web layouts and graphics

If you’re a person overflowing with creative solutions to mundane problems then congratulations, you just might be the growth hacker intern we’re looking for. As an intern, you can look forward to being an integral part of our company’s growth process, and working across all functions of our firm. Your responsibilities will range from thinking of new editorial ideas to testing our new user interface or even surfing Facebook to tell us what’s trending. Every day will bring about new challenges and problems that you will hack away at.