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Buying a car in Singapore is expensive, but so are accidents.

Insure your vehicles and drive with peace of mind, here at Easyrates. We believe in helping you procure the best car insurance that’s suitable for you so that you can drive on the roads without a worry in the world.

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Choosing The Right Type Of Car Insurance

Given the different needs of motorists, there are many different varieties of car insurance that you can use to keep yourself protected while you’re on the roads, such as:

Third Party
The most basic insurance that is required to drive under local law. Third Party Car Insurance Policy’s provide protection against claims made by a third party, in the event of an accident.

Third Party, Fire and Theft
Provides protection that is more than the minimum required – Third party – while still being a bit cheaper than the comprehensive plans. Third Party, Fire and Theft Policies are considered the middle tier of Car Insurance. These policies, in addition to the cover provided by Third Party insurance, also insures you against fire and theft.

As the name suggests, Comprehensive Car Insurance covers all bases for your car. Providing even more protection than the Third Party, Fire and Theft car policies. Comprehensive car policyholders can expect to have protection against more scenarios including collisions, vandalism and even natural disasters, such as flooding – or as Singaporeans say, water ponding.

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What kind of cover should I get?

When deciding on the kind of cover you should get, consider the following factors:

Are you a safe driver?
If your answer is no, consider getting Comprehensive car insurance since it may come in handy. If you feel you are a safe driver, you may consider getting Third Party, Fire and Theft Insurance.
Is your car expensive?
If it is, consider getting Comprehensive car insurance, since even the slightest damage to your car could cost you thousands of dollars. Luxury cars can also be the target of vandalism.
Does my car loan provider require a particular type of cover?

Beginners’ Mistakes

Buying a car insurance policy can be initially confusing. Thankfully, our experience in the industry allows us to help our clients identify and avoid common mistakes.

Take a look at the list below to learn from our collective experience, and take these points into consideration as you look at taking up your car policy. If you’d like additional advice, simply contact us. We’re always on hand to help.

Top 10 Beginners’ Mistakes

Why Us ?

At EasyRates, we understand that taking out a car insurance policy can be a confusing and long drawn process.

We want to assist you with taking this step by giving you the knowledge, tools and resources to help you make the right policy choice with the least hassle.

We will provide you with as much (or as little) help as you want – whether this means simply giving you access to a suite of valuable tools to help you make an informed decision, or holding your hand and guiding you through each and every step of the car insurance consideration, shortlisting and selection process.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You are legally required to have car insurance when driving a car in Singapore, in particular you need to cover for personal injury to third parties.

A No Claim Discount (NCD) allows for your premium to be reduced if no claim has been made under your policy for a year or more. This can significantly reduce your premiums, by as much as 50%

It applies to you not your vehicle if you own one vehicle, however, if you own more than one vehicle,

To drive Uber or Grabcar, you’ll need to get commercial vehicle insurance. If you’re interested in that, do leave a note when filling up our contact form, and we’ll get back to you.

Third party insurance covers death/ injury/ damage to other parties property or person and is the minimum required in Singapore.

Third party, fire and theft covers slightly more than Third Party Insurance, in addition to the coverage above, it also covers fire damage and theft of your car.

Comprehensive cover as the name suggests is the highest degree of coverage you can get, in addition to the coverage under Third Party, Fire and Theft, it also covers accidental damage to your vehicle, personal accident cover and medical expenses.