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Congratulations, you have reached the pinnacle of your career or business and are ready to join this exclusive club?

A Private banking relationship is reserved only for an exclusive group of clients. These group of clients will then have access to a very wide variety of investment products and financing, not available to the rest of the general public.

For example, you will be able to borrow in Japanese Yen, or Euro against your property in Singapore, enjoying much lower interest rates. In some instances, you might even be able to do a cash out on your property without going through TDSR.

You are also able to invest in safe financial products like Bonds and even use leverage.. Private Banks also offer financing for your yachts, private jets and other alternative investments.

Having a dedicated private banker serving you also means you have access to their tax and estate planning expertise, which helps you optimize your portfolio.

A typical relationship with a private bank requires at least $1m USD of investable funds.

Finding the right private bank and private banker to handle your assets is an arduous task. At EasyRates, we have tie ups with various private banks in Singapore and work with only the most reliable bankers.

Do consult with us Today and let us know how we can assist you to find the right private banker.