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New Home Loan

Your home will be the largest asset you have ever owned and your home loan will be the largest loan you probably have ever taken. Get expert help with your home loan today with EasyRates! Where our advisors with decades of experience can provide you with not just expert advice, but also exclusive home loan rates you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Home Refinancing

Refinancing ensures that your home loan interest rates are kept low, by ensuring that you always have the best home loan for your needs. Conscientious refinancing could mean saving tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments – money that could be put into better use around the home, or for your family.

Home Equity Loan

Home equity loans can be immediately appealing as they provide a quick influx of cash for homeowners, freeing up funds for a number of practical purposes. Ideally, you can take up a term loan against your property (using the cash to upgrade and improve the value of your home, or for other important expenses) at very low interest rates.

Commercial Property

EasyRates makes obtaining the ideal commercial property loan simple, efficient and fuss-free. With connections to over 20 banks around the country, we have the networks, expertise and know-how in this field to offer you the best advice and loan offers anywhere in Singapore.