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Buy low, sell high! Simple principles to ace the game of real estate investment, so why are there quite a few people who have made serious mistakes with their real estate investment pursuits?

Buying a house may seem like a simple endeavour today with the wealth of information that is available online, that enables one to make a better informed decision. Unfortunately there are finer nuances to the art of buying and selling in order to have the confidence and conviction to making a sound real estate investment decision.

Why Use A Property Consultant?

Let EasyRates recommend you a great Property Consultants, our experienced Property Consultants can help you find the best property! Here are some reasons why you should use an EasyRates recommended Property Consultant:

No Cost To Buyer
Arranges Viewings And Looks For Listings
Knows Market Conditions
Familiar And Specialized In That Field And Makes Sure You Don't Overpay
Understands Contract Terms To Ensure Fair Terms
Expert Negotiators Who Negotiate For You

Some Motivations For Buying/ Selling Property

Here are some interesting motivations of the marketplace, which may sound logical till one digs deeper, then realises that there may be other factors that one may have overlooked in their decision making, which eventually leads to less desirable outcomes for their investments.

If your home has been fully paid for, you can tap into its value with a home equity loan. Meanwhile, term loans allow you to tap into the value of your home, even if you are still making payments for it.

We will provide you with as much (or as little) help as you want - whether this means simply giving you access to a suite of valuable tools to help you make an informed decision, or holding your hand and guiding you each and every step of the home equity loan consideration, shortlisting and selection process.

With an ideal home equity loan, you can take up a term loan against your property (using the cash to upgrade and improve the value of your home, or for other important expenses) at very low interest rates.

With cash-out refinancing, you may borrow up to 80% of your private property’s (HDB flats are not eligible) current valuation, minus your remaining loan amount and CPF owed. While your home’s current valuation is determined by the loaning bank, you can rest assured that we will help you find the best valuations and lowest interest rates in the country.

Banks will be agreeable to lending you more money if the value of your property appreciates significantly, as your home is used as collateral. This is one way of freeing up cash at a low prevailing mortgage rate (this cash can then be used for investments or other purposes).

Home equity loan tenures are usually 75 years minus your present age, minus the total number of years spent servicing your home loan. Tenure is capped at 35 years. Do note that this is subject to the lending bank

For a quick estimation of the amount you can borrow with a home equity loan, use this formula: (80% of your property’s current market value) – (Any outstanding home loan amount) - (Total amount of CPF funds used plus accrued interest) = Estimated home equity loan amount. Do check with your lending bank for a confirmed figure.

This is dependent on your chosen bank’s revision of their interest rates. Use our convenient Loan Comparison Tool to compare loan offers from banks across Singapore and select your preferred lender.

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